So What…? Lies in Sow What?

Roger Williams Senior PortraitAs we get older, our inner voice often gets a little louder asking the question, “ Now, what are my lasting accomplishments?”

We all have different answers to this question depending on our values, faith, and living circumstances. For me, the answer to the question lies in family, work and community service. With family as the constant, service to others has become my new motivator as President of the Chico High School Foundation and as a board member of the North Valley Community Foundation.

Serving on these boards, I have viewed firsthand a number of people in the Chico community who have given thousands of dollars and, in one case, over a million dollars to benefit the aged, homeless, disabled, and the many non-profit organizations in our area. These people, most of whom wish to remain anonymous, are sowing seeds of help, support, and growth to individuals and organizations for future generations to come. These giving, caring benefactors have the peace of mind that they have made a difference by changing lives and giving others opportunities to follow dreams. They also have the extreme satisfaction of knowing their gift is one that will keep on giving year after year!

My interest and passion is the Chico High School Foundation. Chico High was not only my work place, but was the high school attended by my daughters. It was also the venue in which friendships were born and the platform from which thousands of students jettisoned into the world of 'real' life. From my position as principal, I viewed many, many students who needed a voice of support and/or a financial boost to help them successfully encounter the postsecondary stage of their lives.

So, if you know there is a genuine and serious need, and you know this need will be continued year after year, what do you do? In my opinion, you plant, metaphorically, a redwood seedling in the name of a scholarship or endowment of your choice which will continue to grow. Over the years, this seedling will grow into a massive tree, providing shelter, sustainment, and security for many students. Long after you have left this earth, the legacy of support to student scholarships or an educational program will continue on an annual basis. You and your heirs will benefit by knowing that you stepped up and answered the question of “So What?” by demonstrating that it lies in “Sow What!”

The Chico High Foundation currently manages 28 different funds, each of which has a defined purpose and benefit. A wide range of different scholarships exists in the areas of agriculture, athletics, engineering, science, and general scholarship achievements. There are also several different endowments which support teachers with mini-grants, in the arts, athletics, English, and the theater programs. You are encouraged to support any of these programs by adding to the account balance, or by creating a new fund in your name or that of a loved one.

If you are motivated “to plant a tree” to benefit Chico High School students or teachers, please contact us, or Alexa Valavanis, Executive Director of the North Valley Community Foundation.

At the end of the day, please consider the Chico High School Foundation, especially if your voice is asking you the “ So What” question, and you are ready to answer it as “Sow What”

Most sincerely,

Roger Williams Signature

Roger Williams, President

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